Leah T.Hall


 Be your unapologetic self. Embrace an

"I don't give a fuck" attitude!



If you’ve come this far then you may be wondering who is the vulgar person behind all of these dope ass designs!?! That's me above and I'm rocking those bantu knots! Though I can be shy, I still love who I am and through my attire, I’m not afraid to express it; Whether it be my hair, my verbiage, or my dope ass earrings. Having graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2009 I've taken the lessons learned and applied them to the Accessory Bar. During these past 8 years of designing, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of beautiful men and women, as well as a few celebrities, creating eye catching accessories that speak to the inner voice of them, my customer.


As a young kid from Buffalo, NY, I was picked on. Picked on about my hair, my clothes, and my forehead. In grade school, having gone to a Catholic institution, the only things I had control over were my shoes and earrings. As I grew older I gained the confidence to not worry what other people thought of me. My sense of style improved; I had found my "voice". So now, when people turn around and stare, they're not looking to laugh or make fun of me. They're looking at my dope sense of style, and my popping ass earrings.As I learn and improve from my trials and mistakes I am forever grateful to continue to earn your business. I am Leah Tanesha Hall and I am so honored to have you here! Enjoy :-)